Why a retail partnership with Dorsi Health would benefit your business

What a retailer partnership with Dorsi Health means.

Dorsi Health’s products are in 22 stores and growing weekly. Like many others, our growth into retail was stalled during COVID-19 stay at home orders, but we are bouncing back in a big way and we are looking to double the number of retailers in 2020. Our success is only determined by the success of our retailers and there are many reasons why a retail partnership makes sense if you are looking to carry any CBD products.

Philadelphia CBD products for retail

Top 5 reasons why you should carry Dorsi Health products at your locations:

  1. We carry the best Quality and Affordable products in the market. We pride ourselves on using ISO certified labs to show purity and potency for all our products and all our hemp is derived from Kentucky, CO2 extracted, and packaged in a registered FDA facility. Where you buy your CBD matters! As for the price points, we are one of the best if not the best in the market. There are three types of brands in the CBD market: Price-Gougers, Quality Brands, and Imitators. The Price-Gougers generally have a great product, but rely on brand appeal to markup prices significantly which hurts the consumer and the end retailer when consumers do not find value in spending upwards of $150 for a 2500mg tincture. Quality Brands focus on superior product development and market penetration with affordable price points. The Imitators are the brands that sell hemp seed oil, but market the product as a CBD product. These are the brands you will find on Amazon. We align ourselves with the “Quality Brands” and our price points are also some of the most affordable on the market today.
  2. Educating the consumer. CBD is a complicated industry and we try our best to educate the consumer on what product best fits their needs without stress to the retailer. When we form a partnership with a retailer we provide our product brochure which illustrate our products and their benefits, all certificates of analysis (COAs) to show purity and potency, and also provide a booklet discussing the benefits of CBD, types of CBD, dosing, and other facts about CBD that can help the product sell.
  3. Organic relationships with our retailers. For now, we do not use a distributor or broker for placement in retailers, instead a stakeholder from Dorsi will be you point of contact. This helps in two ways. First, we have direct communication with the store, no middle man. Secondly, we are nimble enough to work with what products you are selling and not forcing you to take unwanted inventory that will not move based off your clientele. We also have a 9-month buyback guarantee- if the products do not sell after 9 months of being on the shelves we will purchase the sealed items back!
  4. Marketing our Brand. For retailers, we provide all POP marketing materials which include informational brochures, a three-tiered product display, and window stickers. Outside of that we also purchase targeted advertising around stores using a mix of digital and traditional tactics which help increase brand awareness.
  5. High repurchase rate. This is a main key performance indicator (KPI) for us. Clever packaging will help initial sales but quality products will lead to consumers purchasing products consistently. Estimates show that we have between a 10%-20% repurchase rate in retail.


Philadelphia Based CBD company helping other Philadelphia retailers

We work with many retailers from smoke shops to Pharmacies. Our number one priority is making sure our retailers succeed. We are a Philadelphia based CBD company and are looking to onboard more retailers in the Delaware Valley. If you or any other retailer would like more information about our retail offerings, please email us or fill out the contact form. We will be in touch shortly to ensure your success!

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