10 reasons why you need to try our CBD roll-on

Back in 2016 when we starting Dorsi Health we discussed what CBD product would be best for a topical application. After many iterations of a topical product we finally came to market at the end of 2018 with our Dorsi Health Cold Therapy CBD Roll-On. After 2 long years, we finally got the ingredients right as well as the application method. Since 2018 our roll-ons have become our most popular product line by far for both customers and retailers! Our Dorsi Health Cold Therapy CBD roll-ons have helped many customers regardless of their age or what they were looking to get out of the product. We have had athletes use the product as a form of muscle recovery and to help stiff muscles and joints, and we have also received great reviews from people that have never touched a cannabis product in their life! We are proud of who we have helped with this product line so we wanted to give everyone 10 reasons why they should try our CBD roll-on.


  1. It actually has CBD in the product!

We say it often, but cant say it enough- our products our independently 3rd party tested! We do batch testing with an ISO certified facility to ensure purity and potency in our product. One setback for the CBD industry is that legitimate CBD products cannot be sold and distributed on Amazon in the US. Since 50% of online transactions are attributed to Amazon there are plenty of incentives for imitation products with hemp seed oil to be marketed as CBD. Be aware of imitators and always purchase from a brand that has products third party tested!

  1. It has a high concentration of CBD compared to other topicals, especially roll-on applicators

Sprouts is a great grocery chain with clean healthy food option and fresh fruits and vegetables. Personally, it is a top notch grocery chain, but don’t go there for your CBD needs. As a healthy grocer (they like to call themselves a farmers market) they were an early adopter of CBD. However, their prices and potencies for their products are out of line. They carry a 3oz muscle rub cream with 125mg of CBD for $44.99. That is $.35 cents per mg, a considerable higher amount than the industry average for CBD per mg. Also, the 125mg for a 3-ounce bottle is a small concentration. Unfortunately, they are not alone. Many 3oz CBD roll-on applicators on the market contain less than 400mg of CBD and their prices are all over $30. At Dorsi Health we carry two strengths- a 1500mg isolate extra strength, and a 500mg isolate roll on. Both of which are on the higher end of potency while not burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. The role players

Our product is a CBD roll-on, but it is the other ingredients that help separate our product from the competitors. Menthol, used as the primary ingredient in other topical analgesics such as Biofreeze and Icy Hot provides relief from by acting as a counterirritant; great for sore muscles and joints. Although Menthol is a well-known pain analgesic use caution with products above 15% menthol as they are known to be skin irritants and can be toxic if concentration is above certain thresholds. We use 3.5% Menthol (Biofreeze is 4%) to ensure safety and effectiveness. Camphor, a strong terpene, is another pain analgesic used in products to help treat pain and soreness and has shown promise in some studies for relieving chronic muscle and joint pain. Both are critical players to help customers who use our product.

  1. A little extra

There is more…besides menthol and camphor we use two plant extracts which are used in modern medicine as topical applications to reduce inflammation and help damage from free radicals. Boswellia Serrata Extract is an herbal extract taken from the Boswellia Serrata Tree that in studies has shown it can prevent the formation of Leukotrienes, which are molecules that have been identified as a cause of inflammation. Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract contains many constituents that fall under the category of antioxidants, so it carries a positive effect on the skin by preventing any damage from free radicals and oxidation. Combining these two popular extracts along with Menthol, Camphor, and of course CBD provide great synergy which is why our CBD topicals are best in class!

  1. Fast and easy drying

Do you hate it when Shaq’s Icy Hot gets all over your shirt when you put it on your back? We do too! That’s why are roll-on applicator dries quickly. With 5 passes to the affected area you will receive all the benefits of our product and it dies to the touch in less than one minute. Fast acting, fast drying!

CBD roll on for athletes


  1. No mess

Another benefit of having a roll-on applicator is you don’t have to touch the gel and rub it on the skin. The applicator does that for you. It may not seem like a big deal but it is an extra benefit not dealing with any greasy rubs, lotions, or gels!

  1. Compact and easy to carry

Just another benefit of our roll-on. The CBD roll-on has a sleek-cylinder design and anyone can throw it in a backpack, gym bag, or even their pocket for use on the go! At 5” tall and a 1.5” wide the roll-on can fit just about anywhere you need it to! The screw-on cap and sturdy structure ensure the gel does not leak out of the container, an inconvenience many face when transporting lotions and creams with squeeze tops.

  1. Great reviews
"I buy this for my dad (he is in his 80s) and he really loves your product. Now my mom is using it too (also in her 80s) so I must say you all really do have a great product!" -James M.

We get reviews like this mostly from personal messages or meeting previous customers while we are doing events. We are happy that we have such great feedback from a product we are passionate about. If you want to leave us any feedback or check out some of our reviews go to our Google Business page.

  1. Priced to move

The roll-ons are a premium product, but you won’t be paying the premium prices. CBD prices have come down a bit in recent months, but the commodity is still priced relatively high. We reduced our 500mg roll on to $34.95 just a few months back and offer seasonal discounts. Even without the price reduction and seasonal discounts our prices are the best on the market. If you find another product that is third party tested we will price match our product, we call it the Dorsi challenge. Better CBD, better prices- its that simple

  1. It Works!

When you go into a retail store and see Martha Stewart’s name  along with an eye catching design on a CBD product your eyes are immediately drawn to the product. Its retail marketing 101- shelf space and a clever design moves product. However, the real indicator for the product quality are re-orders. Clever product packaging and name recognition will initially sell a product but the quality really keeps moving the product. We are fortunate to have customers who have ordered from us back in 2018 when we launched still order from us today! We also have retail outlets that continue to order from us month after month. Re-orders, reviews, testimonials, and studies show that our CBD roll-on works! We also provide a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the product after two weeks, simply return the item no questions asked for a full refund.

CBD Pain Relief Roll On


Check out our topicals and enjoy 15% off by using code “Like” at checkout. We are sure that once you try Dorsi Health’s Cold Therapy CBD Roll-On you won’t go anywhere else!




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