The case for CBD Oral Strips

In 2019 the CBD and hemp industry was booming and the product of choice by many consumers was the tincture. The tincture product category was white hot in 2019, but the largest CBD company by revenue, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, released insights this year that the fastest growing product categories have been topicals and gummies with YOY growth of 9% and 5%. The growth may not be huge but considering the fact that Charlottes Web’s revenue has remained flat at $96 million it points to their flagship product, the full spectrum oil, has declined in recent years.

So why has the oil tincture declined in popularity? There are multiple reasons why including new product entries, slowing CBD growth, increased pricing pressures, but the largest reasons we can conclude is demand for a better product. CBD tinctures have been touted as a great product for bioavailability. When taken sublingually tinctures have 80%-90% bioavailability meaning if you take a dropper of 25mg your body would absorb at least 20mg of CBD, among the highest absorption rates for products. However, just measuring the amount of CBD in a dropper can be difficult. Typically, a tincture contains 30ml of oil, which includes carrier oil and most, but not all droppers contain marks showing ¼ to 1ml of content. Most CBD tinctures are also labeled by the total amount of CBD on the bottle and dosage (typically 1ml) is shown in the supplement facts. Just how confusing is this? If you have a 2500mg tincture of CBD and want to get 50mg of CBD per serving you have to correctly measure a little over ½ ml or 60% of the full dropper to get the proper dosage. Why do this when you can take two 25mg gummies or soft gels and call it a day? Besides measuring being an obstacle tinctures can also break, leak, or melt while being transported. They are also not the best tasting. Much of the negative feedback on tinctures industry wide have been centered around taste. Even though you can mask it with mint, strawberry or watermelon the Oil has a distinct earthy taste some may find unpleasant.

Although these are not huge issues they still can be an inconvenience and that is why consumers are demanding more from their products. Soft gels, capsules, and gummies are great alternatives and have good bioavailability, but there is another option if you like the absorption rate of oil. Enter oral strips. CBD Oil strips provide an easily measurable dosage like soft gels and gummies but can be taken sublingually to increase bioavailability. The strip can also be carried in your purse or gym bag and you don’t have to worry about them leaking or breaking.

Dorsi Health CBD Oral Strips

This doesn’t mean we will stop supplying CBD oil tinctures. There are still needs for a high potency tincture at low costs. However, we will be enhancing our Oral Strip lineup in the coming weeks and months. At Dorsi Health we strive to provide consumers with the best possible products at affordable prices. We will continue to do so with effective products.

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