Dorsi Health - Affordable Organic CBD Rebranding, New Products and Expanded Product Line!

Here at Dorsi Health we're excited to announce the following changes:

  • Sleek, minimalist rebranding of our store and products
  • Consolidated product line to focus on the most popular products - 
    • Topical Creams & Roll Ons
    • Gummies
    • Oil Tinctures
  • We now offer new new topical creams, and have increased options for roll ons
  • We have launched CBD Sleep Gummies, containing Melatonin to give you the rest you need and deserve
  • We will soon be offering new products in our CBD Oil Tincture range, including higher dosage full spectrum options

And here's what hasn't, and won't be changing:

  • We will not be increasing product costs to match the market (In fact, many of our items are now available at a lower price following our rebrand and relaunch this summer)
  • We will still be offering Free Shipping via USPS 1st Class on all orders

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