Top Questions about CBD creams and Topicals [Answered]

Understanding CBD Creams and Topicals

CBD creams, topicals, and lotions come in many sizes, strengths, and provide different benefits. We currently carry three different CBD topicals which are some of our most popular products. Trying to understand if CBD topicals maybe a good fit for you can be difficult so we are here to help. Here are some of the top questions (and answers) about CBD topical products.

Q: Does it work?

A: Yes! Our topical products are our most popular line of products. You can find our topical products sold in pharmacies, chiropractors, physical therapy locations, and other reputable healthcare professional offices.

Q: How many times can I apply the cream?

A: You can apply our topicals up to five times per day. Most people find relieve with 2-3 applications.

Q How long until I start to feel relief?

A: Relief is very objective and can vary from person to person. With our base for all our products containing menthol you will find a cooling sensation that help as a counterirritant when first applied. The CBD will help with inflammation and pain with continued use.

Q: How long does the bottle last?

A: It depends on usage. Our roll-on product if applied to a large area 2-3 daily will last up to two months. Our creams typically last 1-2 months depending on usage as well. However, the shelf life is 2 years.

Q: Will it be absorbed in the blood stream?

A: No, CBD topicals work by binding to receptors that are not influenced by your blood stream. Therefore, topicals penetrating through the skin are great for localized treatment, but do not have an effect on full body relief.

A: Will I test positive on a drug test?

A: It is highly unlikely that even full spectrum products will yield a positive test result. We do guarantee there will be no positive test will our isolate creams and roll-on products since they do not contain zero THC./p>

Q: Will this help with Arthritis?

A: Arthritis is a medical condition, and we cannot legally say our products will treat a medical condition. Please see guidance provided by the Arthritis Foundation and consult with your physician before starting a regiment. If any CBD company says they treat or cure any medical condition, please steer clear!

This is a part of our larger series titled “Understanding CBD” where we will be discussing CBD products along with our products in short bites. Each weekly topic will cover a product, features of our products, Q&As, and more in less than 500 words.  

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