No, You Cant Really Buy CBD Products on Amazon

The Really is very subtle. Some companies that go to market with legitimate CBD products will, for some time, list their products on Amazon. However, this is short lived as it is against Amazon’s policies to sell “listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD)”. Even though CBD derived from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC is legal, Amazon and other selling sites are hesitant to allow transactions of products labeled and described as CBD. The only workaround for companies looking to promote their product on a platform that controls over 50% of e-commerce sales is to list their product as “Hemp Oil” or “Hemp Extract”. The only problem with that is many other products that contain just Hemp Seed Oil label their product as such with high mg and low price points. As a consumer, there air some clues as to which products are legitimate and what products contain just Hemp Seed Oil. Follow 3 easy steps to find out if the product is legitimate:

  1. Reach the label Carefully- each product will need to clear photos. Look at the photos carefully and if you see that there is no mention of full spectrum, isolate, or broad spectrum it is most likely just hemp seed oil, not CBD. Also, on the ingredient list if there is mention of Omega Fatty Acids it is 100% Hemp Seed Oil.
  2. Compare price to competitors- 7,500mg for $19.99 what a deal! That’s a definite red flag. Look at competitors and see if the CBD is anywhere between $0.03-0.30 per mg CBD. If it is dramatically under that price range it is hemp seed oil.
  3. Ask for the seller for 3rd party analysis- Most sellers will be more than happy to provide more information. This is the only way to ensure that you are purchasing a product from a reputable seller.

Amazon is known for having a customer obsession, but unfortunately this does not extend to catching frauds before customers purchase bogus CBD products. It has a trickledown effect with many people feeling duped by an industry and not just a platform, such as Amazon, that let rouge sellers who pay for reviews and optimize toward CBD keywords to thrive. Our advice is to look at Amazon more as a search engine platform- compare costs, companies, and products and find a brand that has legitimate products. Don’t get duped by unscrupulous sellers looking to capitalize on market demand.

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