Trying to Stick to the Most Popular New Year’s Resolution? We Can Help!

Every year before the ball drops in Time Square in New York City millions of Americans set goals or resolutions for the next year. Annual resolutions have become a tradition of NYE just as much as the glimmering ball dropping in the city that never sleeps. According to a Statista survey the number 1 resolution is to exercise more or improve fitness. Achieving those goals can be attainable. Whether your goal is to exercise more or just spending less time on social media we came up with a New Year New You Guide to help you keep your resolution

Step 1: Create SMART Goals

In order to create a new year’s resolution you stick to you first need to make cure the goals meets the SMART criteria:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-Bound

For example, if you want to exercise you should quantify your exercise goal- “I want to exercise 4 days a week by July 1”

Step 2: Write Down Your Goal

After you set your goal it is important to take an extra step and write the goal down. This tactic makes the goal more tangible.  

Step 3: Plan Ahead

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Creating an action plan makes sure you have the framework need to accomplish the goal/ resolution. A few examples include: planning a gym membership or workout equipment purchases to exercise more, planning a smoking cessation plan to quit smoking, and downloading apps such as Social Fever that limit social media usage.

Step 4: Create a Timeline

Creating a timeline can help you keep on track by setting up milestones and help crafting a small win strategy. Timelines should be written down just like the overall goal.

Step 5: Executing the Plan

Executing the plan is your plan in action. Your probably have hears that “showing up is 80% of life”. This is the hardest part of any goal and if you are able to conquer this you will most likely execute your plan.  

Step 6: Journaling

Just like writing down your original goal and creating a time line, journaling is a powerful tool to help keep you on track or assess your progress. Journaling should be done weekly and allows for any revisions based on your progress. It also serves as a mental health check since resolutions are often large in scope. Journaling can provide insight into far you have come toward reaching your goal and will provide you that little extra motivation to move forward in your journey.

Step 7: Implement Supplements to Your Plan

Supplements include a variety of sources. For decreasing social media time, you make include supplementing your routine with walks in the morning when you are most likely to use social media. For increasing time exercising it can literally mean taking supplements. Dorsi Health provides a number of products that help the body recover from minor aches and pains you will feel by increasing your activity levels.

Step 8: Celebrating Successes

This is the most important factor to help you keep your new year’s resolution. Many goals aren’t fully attained until the end of the year but you can celebrate the small wins throughout the year. Since you setup a timeline, have been journaling your progress, and setup measurable and attainable goals you can enjoy knowing you have accomplished your weekly/monthly tasks and are on the road to attaining your 2022 resolution.

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